Hello there,
Welcome to [Subjective] Labs

We are a lean team of crypto-natives,
building web3 consumer products.

We see a future where almost everyone interacts
with NFTs & DeFi in some form, on a daily basis.
And our passion is to craft beautiful products
that brings value & joy to millions of users.

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[Best in Slot]

BiS browser extension provides the best NFT inventory management experience in web3.

Instant Sight:
See all your NFT items & coins with one click.

Good Old MMORPG Experience:
Hover mouse on an item to see details.
Right click to interact in unique ways!

Seer of All Chains:
Supports NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana,
Avalanche, BNBChain.

DeFi Made Easy:
Enjoy perks of advanced DeFi integrations with two clicks!
Instant Sell, List on all exchanges & more.

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Status: v0.0.25 / public-beta
Website: soon.

[Commander Boris]

An NPC in the metaverse.
1/3 Wolf, 1/3 AI, 1/3 Human.

A character from Forgotten Runes Warrior's Guild.
More details will follow.



product designer
tokenomics nerd


generative artist

Discord link is hidden in the extension